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Our preparation courses are designed around your needs, starting from 1 week courses to as long as 6 months, and up to 11 months for students aged 16+.

Our preparation courses are highly recommended for students due to be starting school, to ease into the English language and customs.


Eltive is an accredited institution on, as such we are trusted by UKBA (UK border agency. 


Read about our range of preparation courses below and to make a new enquiry, click on the button below. 


Jet-Lag Eliminator

Arrive early for school

​Arrive early to be fresh and ready to embrace the exciting challenge ahead

  • Airport collection

  • Rest days in a warm and friendly English household

  • Introduction to your host family before school starts

  • Fun Activities

  • Orientation of School Area


English Booster

As many weeks as you wish

Ideal for students who wish to improve their existing English levels before school


  • As many weeks as you wish

  • All that the "Jet-Lag Eliminator" course has to offer

  • Plus 10 hours per week of English As An Additional Language lessons

  • Qualified English Teacher

  • Home learning

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Full Works

2-6 month course

Ideal for students who could be turned away from UK schooling due to their English level and understanding of the curriculum

  • 2-6 month course, (16+ up to 11 months) during this time stay in the teacher's home learning English, customs and what to expect at school

  • English As An Additional Language lesson

  • Lessons in all subjects required to understand the curriculum so far

  • Continued development in chosen sport on request

  • Excellent pastural and medical care


We are fortunate to be situated nearby so many excellent local independent schools. We would be pleased to help to arrange tours and also full taster days for those students wishing to study in the UK but have not chosen a school yet. The student can come alone or with parents, will be accommodated in one of our selected families and allocated a tour guide who will be with them on every tour.

To arrange a tour or a taster day please contact us today. 


Eltive Safe Hands Guardianship provides parents and students with the peace of mind that there's someone who will support them during their education in England 

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